How it all began ...

The owner of the company is an avid boater.  He has always been an early adopter of technology and thought it would be amazing to be able to spend endless days out on the water without having to run the generator.   Being on a boat at anchor is a place to relax and unwind, that loud reverberating noise from the generator just crushed the mood.

Three years ago, he purchased and installed a marine solar system.  The results were simply amazing.  He was able to completely eliminate the need to run the generator, and would go for days on end with the solar system providing all the power.  That summer, he made a ten day trip to Parry Sound, not having to spark up that noisy generator at all.

Needless to say, he shared this experience with every boater he met.  Before long, inquiries were pouring in on how and where to obtain  a similar setup.  

Marine Solar Innovations is now open for business offering innovative high quality products, competitive pricing and better service than any other enterprise in this area.  We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.  Let's all work towards keeping our boating environment clean and pollution free ! 

About our products

How does a solar charging system work?

  • A solar charging system works exactly the same as your on-board house battery charging system.  The big difference is that the solar battery charger is powered by the sun instead of shore power or a generator.
  • The solar charge controller is a full multi-stage battery charger that provides a bulk, absorb and float charge cycles, keeping your onboard battery bank in tip-top condition when you're away from shore power.
  • Depending on the configuration, a solar charging system can provide between 6 to 50 amps of power, all harnessed from the solar panels installed on your boat.  This charging power replenishes the energy drained by fridges, lights, stereos, inverter loads, wash-down pumps etc.  This natural charging cycle means that your battery bank is never depleted, you can stay on your boat away from shore power for indefinite periods of time, using all of your on-board electronics freely without worrying about battery drain.  
  • Best of all, it's noise and pollution free ! 

Frequently asked questions

How do our innovative products differ from the competition?

  • We are boaters, all of our systems are designed and engineered for the marine environment.  All components are rigorously tested to ensure 100% compatibility.  We use our solar systems every weekend and we are continuously conducting research and development on how to improve the operation and efficiency to offer our customers the best possible experience.
  • We offer the largest selection of solar panel kits and marine installation options in the industry.  From portable systems to fixed permanent installations, we have a solution for every boating application.
  • We are the only Canadian retailer to offer a 5 year comprehensive / 10 year performance warranty on our semi-flexible solar panels and a 10 year comprehensive warranty on our rigid panels.  That is a testimony of our commitment to our customers.
  • Our semi-flexible panels are of the highest quality, manufactured in a state of the art ISO9001 facility.  We use only SunPower USA Premium Quality solar cells providing you with the most efficient performance.  Be careful of panels purchased on eBay or Amazon, they use low grade cells which are discounted due to cracks and imperfections.  Although the panels look similar, the cells are much less efficient resulting in very poor performance.
  • All of our solar panels are tested at the factory and our customers receive I-V Curve and EL reports detailing the performance of the specific panels they purchase.
  • Our panels support a maximum system voltage of 700V enabling you to connect several panels together in series providing you with the maximum output power available.  This high voltage limit is only achieved by using Ultra High Efficiency Premium Quality solar cells.  Many of our competitor's panels only support a maximum system voltage of 45V which is a limitation typically imposed when lower grade cells are used.  A low maximum system voltage rating also greatly limits your installation options forcing you to purchase additional parallel adapter hardware for systems over 200W.  In most installation scenarios, parallel connections will generate less power than their series counterparts.
  • The Canadian government imposes a 150% anti dumping duty on all semi-flexible solar panels exceeding 100W imported from China.  Avoid retailers who advertise panels with power ratings exceeding this limit.  Any semi-flexible panel with a power output exceeding 100W, unless priced ridiculously high, has been smuggled into the country, fraudulently labelled to avoid this duty.  The retailer can face tremendous fines and any warranty replacement panels would be prohibited from entering the country.  To protect the integrity of our business and the warranty we offer to our customers, all of our products conform to the Canadian government regulations.
  • Our SUNPOWER FLEX 110W panels are designed in the USA and manufactured in France therefore they are exempt from this duty.
  • Don't be fooled by creative cosmetic finishes and other gimmicks designed to disguise sub-standard build quality and internal components.  All premium quality solar panels will utilize Ultra High Efficiency SUNPOWER cells backed by a solid warranty that gives the customer the assurance that they are purchasing a premium quality product



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