Customer Testimonials


400W Hardtop Installation

"We would like to let any one thinking about a solar 

system for their vessel or R V 

to rest assured that dealing with Chris was truly a pleasure 

He was very knowledgeable , punctual and very helpful before , during and after our purchase.

We had a couple of issues as we installed this system ourselves 

Chris was at our boat a couple of times (promptly)

to help me with advise on the installation and corrected my errors 

Solar has reduced our generator run time by 50%, obviously reducing fuel, oil changes and oil filters and the replacement of impellers 

I would have installed a system like the one we have years ago , hindsight as they say is 20/20.  We own our M/Y, name 

BUOYOHBUOY we live aboard the full season and highly recommend Chris and his company to anyone considering a future purchase."

~ Bill and Mary


200W Bimini Top Installation

"Very happy with new purchase. 4hrs with stereo, fridge and lights on full charge. Thanks for all your help."

~ Derek


400W Hartop Installation

“We are very excited to have been able to fit 400w of solar on our new boat! This is our second installation using Chris’ panels as we sold our boat that had a beautiful 400w solar system installation! Can’t wait to try out the new panels this summer!!!"

~ Cam


150W (3X50W) Installation

"MSI was able to provide a perfect solution to my power consumption needs. I have a small 22 foot boat with only 2- 12volt batteries, and a very large power hungry stereo system installed."
The hardtop space was limited, but Chris was able to come up with a solar solution to keep my stereo pumping hard all day at the beach, with power to spare for charging cell phones.
Thank you Chris, and MSI for your professionalism, and outstanding customer service.

~ Chris


100W Rigid Installation on a Sailboat


"Hey Chris so far so good very happy. We left the marina and sailed for a couple of hours and anchored under sail with batteries still at 100 percent. Awesome normally we would start the diesel to anchor and give the batteries a shot but now we don't have to. If you want to use us as a reference we have nothing but good to say. Our boat is a Morgan Outisland 33"

~ Ross


200W Bimini Top Installation

"Chris was very helpful in selecting a system that would suit our needs and boat. Looking forward to many days on the hook without the need to run geni to top up batteries.  Thanks."

~ William


300W Bimini Top Installation

We could not be more pleased with the solar panels and installation done by Brandy’s Cove. The location of the display on the arch made it so convenient to monitor our power. Our panels have allowed us to extend by several days the time we can be at anchor with all our power needs supplied. The first thing we will do on our new boat is have the exact same system installed by Brandy’s! Highly recommend them!

~ John


400W Hardtop Installation

"We had 400W installation on our hard top with the  layout help from Chris. Absolutely impressed with the service we got from MSI as we originally ran the panels in series then after a few conversations he came up with a brilliant idea of running the panels in a series parallel to achieve the optimum performance. His customer service to us was over and above even coming out the boat while we were anchored. The performance is truly a blessing as we can go a few days with out turning the gem set on as the sun power does its job keeping us at near full power. 

Extremely happy with this purchase and extremely happy with Chris Purchas."

~ Sylvie


400W Panther Series Hardtop Installation

MSI was able to taylor a solar system that was specific to our needs,  in our case it was a 400 watt system. It has greatly expanded our self sufficiency  which adds confidence that our batteries will be charged by noon .   Chris' customer service is excellent and was always willing to answer any questions that we had before and after purchase. We're due for some new batteries this spring and will be looking forward to working with MSI again.

~ Phil & Kim


200W Panther Series Installation

Chris, First of all, Thank You! We really did enjoy not having to run our generator every day. Since installing our solar panels we have put only one hour on the generator. We are looking forward to this next year boating with assurance that our electrical needs are taken care of.  Looking back, I wish we would have had them when we were on a mooring ball in Marathon Florida. 

I'm sure there are more solar applications in our future.  Thanks!

~ Al and Ruth

Illinois, USA


400W Hardtop Installation

I'd like to thank Chris for selling me solar panels for my boat.  I got 4-100 watt panels, I already had the battery bank, this was awesome addition.  In full sun I don't need to run the generator to maintain the house batteries.  We were out for one week , the only time that we ran the generator was for hot water.

I recommend this for anyone who doesn't want to run their generator. I highly recommend Chris, he knows his stuff and really stands by the product he is selling.  Thanks again Chris for the set up for my boat.

~ Ted


400W Express Hardtop Installation

I wish I had not waited as long as I did for solar.    The install was done very professionally and wired like it came from the factory.    We have ample power to run almost everything on the boat when we are sitting for multiple days at  anchor.   We only started the genny a few times this year for the A/C.

420 Searay Sundancer.

~ Scott


400W Hardtop Installation

Hi Chris … a short follow-up to let you know I am incredibly pleased with the system you provided for our Sea Ray 42 Sundancer.  The Victron charge controller works seamless with my iPhone and provides comprehensive performance and logging data.  Our 42DA has two fridges and a freezer and so far, the four panels have kept the batteries fully charged every day.  We just came back in from 4 days of anchoring and the battery voltages were identical to when we left the dock. 

~ Bob


640W Over the Canvas Installation

The solar worked as advertised.  On sunny days I could expect the inverter batteries to be fully charged by mid afternoon.  The only need for running the generator was to operate the stove or water heater that are not on the inverter bank.  Installation was done when promised with modifications to improve the outcome. Your crew did a great job of communicating the what and why.  I look forward to the benefit of the echo charger added at the end of the season to also charge the house bank. Thanks for the great job!

~ Todd


135W Portable on Cavas Installation

The solar panel that you installed worked as advertised.
The installation was done professionally and was tested all summer as we ran 50mph plus in 1-2 meter  waves.
 On sunny days we never have to start the generator or worry about the fridge and stereo usage.
Thanks to you and the team for a first class experience.

~ Ross


400W Rigid over-the-canvas custom Installation

We LOVE the panels, charging system and the inverter.  This has positively changed our boating and cruising habits in many ways.  The greatest improvement is the ability to stay on anchor indefinitely, with the only issue being fresh water and holding tank capacity.  We were out for a full week this summer in weather that wasn't ideal for solar panels, in that it was quite cloudy all week... we never once had to start the engines to top up the batteries!!  They never dropped below 12.3V, even overnight, and that was after a day of running the radio and making smoothies for a bunch of people.  Our 1000W inverter has also been a life changer, as my wife works from home and is often on call, so her phone and computer require constant charging.  Previously this drained the three 12V house batteries enough that charging would have been necessary.  Our house batteries are regular automotive lead/acid 12V deep cycles that run 2 fridges, a lot of courtesy lights and the on-board stereo system.  Now with the inverter, we can also charge her computer, run appliances like a blender or vacuum without a problem, especially during the day when the sun is up.  The panels and charging system supplied by MSI are first rate and kept the batteries fully charged while all systems were operating through the day.  The boat is a 2001 Celebrity 280 express cruiser and the panels(2) we got were the newer 200W American built ones...  next step is to look into Lithium batteries.  ;)  The installation is also first rate... Chris did an amazing job and we've had so many compliments from anyone who has looked at the system.  I have passed along Brandy's and MSI's info to anyone who asked.

~ Bjorn


500W Sailboat Bimini Installation

Hi Chris,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know I was happy with my solar installation. I put it all together in July and we took the boat to the 1000 Islands for the month of August. I haven’t started my engine or plugged in to charge since installing them!

I just wanted to let you know it all worked out as planned and I’m quite happy with the result. Thank you for your advice and support during my planning and order phase. It was much appreciated.

I’ll likely see you again at the Boat Show.

~ Bob


400W Bimini Installation using Magnets

It was the best investment I’ve done.  Thanks Chris looks good and works even better!

~ Neil


400W Hardtop Installation using stainless studs

3 days out, all solar works great, thanks Chris

~ Ed


600W Hardtop Installation

Very pleased with the panels

They are keeping our inverter batteries topped up

We can stay out for longer periods without using our generator 

We basically use the generator for short daily periods for HW

The install went smoothly & professionally

I enjoyed working with Tony

A pleasant experience all the way around

~ Lorry

Independence V


400W Bimini Installation

Our boating experience has greatly improved since investing in MSI solar panels installed by Brandy's Cove. In 2019 we purchased 4x 100w flexible MSI solar panels which are attached by velcro to the canvas on our flybridge. We only have a 30amp battery charger with no inverter and relied heavily on our generator before installing the MSI solar panel system. We used to run our generator for at least 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening while anchored to top up the batteries each day or the batteries would be dead overnight. Now we ONLY run the generator when we need 120v power for a few minutes in the morning and evening while preparing meals or making coffee. Once we install in inverter at a later date, we will use the generator even less since the batteries are being charged continuously by the solar system during the day. We only have 2 group 31 batteries which is enough to run our fridge and all other electrical requirements since the batteries are always well charged. By utilizing ACRs between the house and other batteries, the solar system also charges the crank and generator batteries once the house batteries are fully charged. This has allowed us to continue worry-free boating with all 5 batteries topped up continuously throughout the day which is very important with 2 small kids on board and only plugging into shore power at the marina. We spent 2 weeks on vacation and away from shore power in the summer of 2019 and having the solar panels was amazing. It gave us much more freedom to stay at anchor for longer without battery anxiety.
The quality and durability of the panels has been good so far and the installation work completed by Brandy's Cove was excellent both on the canvas, the control box and the wiring to our main house batteries. The panels are installed on large velcro strips and are fastened very securely with the wiring neatly hidden along the support bars and almost not noticeable at all. There was no cosmetic impact to the installation as the panels are above the flybridge and virtually out of sight. They are also easily cleaned with pressure water from a hose.

~ Bill


110W Bimini Magnet Installation

I wanted to extend a greeting from Halkett bay in BC.  First 24h on the hook with the new panel which have been the silent hero of the day, setting a new "personal record" of 400Wh at 17:00 with 2h of somewhat effective sunlight remaining.

~ Kor

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